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There are different types of modern pillows on the market today, and each of them serves its own purpose. From your typical pillows for bed to specialty pillows for couch or body pillows, there’s one for every kind of sleeper out there. Below, we’ll discuss the variety of available pillows and their benefits to help you choose the best pillow for you or your loved ones!

How to Pick the Perfect Pillow

If you’re like most people, you probably spend a third of your life in bed. You’re there when you wake up, there when you go to sleep—and even during those precious moments right in between. If your pillow isn’t providing optimal support and comfort, all that time spent in bed is wasted. And as anyone who has ever dealt with neck or back pain can attest to, poor sleep posture can translate into all sorts of ailments outside of bed as well. So how do you choose a good pillow? Here are some things you have to be on the look out for to pick the perfect pillow:
  1. Fill: It’s important to pick a pillow that will provide optimal support and comfort; you want a high-quality filling that isn’t going to make your neck or back hurt, but also isn’t so thick that it crushes your spine and makes breathing difficult. Down filling is often considered one of the best options because it is both soft and supportive. But if you have allergies, down pillows are obviously not an option for you—go with a foam-based pillow instead. Down alternative pillows are also an excellent option for most sleepers. With a down alternative pillow, you’ll enjoy super soft comfort with a little bit of extra support. Many people think they have to choose between firm and fluffy, but down alternative pillows are one of our favorite ways to get both!
  2. Size: The size of your pillow will be largely dependent on how you sleep. Side sleepers, who have a tendency to sprawl out all over their bed, need more support than back or stomach sleepers, so they should opt for a larger pillow that can go up against their whole body and provide support as they move around at night.
  3. Fabric: The fabric of your pillow is also important; you want to ensure that it will remain cool and comfortable as you sleep throughout the night. That’s why pillows made with cotton or down alternative fabrics are such popular options, because they allow air to flow through easily, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night.
  4. Fill weight: It’s also important to pick a pillow that has just enough fill, but not too much; you want something that will support your head and neck without pressing down on them too hard or moving around too much at night. When going to shop for pillows, make sure to note how many ounces of fill they contain so you can find one that fits your needs just right!

How to Choose Your Best Pillow

First, consider why you sleep on a pillow in the first place. Are you one of those people who turns to her side during sleep? If so, look for a pillow that’s going to give you support in both directions—to keep your neck straight and to maintain proper spinal alignment. if you are back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, then your focus is likely different. You may be most concerned with how a particular pillow feels when pressed against your head or shoulders as opposed to below it. Your pillow should maintain your head aligned with your spine by supporting it in a neutral position. When buying a pillow do not forget about other beddings such as sheet separates and pillow sham sets because they can bring some pizzazz to your room. Make sure they coordinate well with each other and create an overall tranquil ambiance.

Down vs. down alternative pillows: What's the difference

A down pillow is made of duck or goose feathers; it's very soft and provides plenty of support for your head and neck. Down-alternative pillows are made from synthetic fibers designed to mimic the feel of a down pillow.