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Curtains are an important element in almost any room, offering privacy, protection from light, and a nice decorative touch to any space. There are different styles of curtains for living room and curtains for bedroom to match your needs, including roman shades, lined curtains, and panel curtains, among others. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to shopping for curtains or even if you already have them in place and want tips on how to best care for them, this guide has you covered.

How To Pick Best Curtains

When buying curtains, one of your main considerations should be how much natural light you want to let in and how much privacy you need. Sheer curtains offer a lot of privacy because they’re see-through; however, sheer curtains don’t filter out bright sunlight as well as solid curtain fabrics do. On the other hand, most solid fabrics let in lots of light but aren’t good at providing privacy—which is why so many people love sheer curtain panels for bathrooms and kitchens.

You might also want to consider whether you prefer window curtains or room-darkening curtains. Window curtains have less weight than room-darkening drapes, which tend to be heavier and sturdier. A good rule of thumb: If you’re hanging your drapes inside a window frame that already has panes of glass, choose window curtains instead of room-darkening ones. If there isn't already glass separating two rooms within your house, then it's best to go with room-darkening drapes because they can block more outside light than regular window treatments can.

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