Unleashing Your Style: Mixing Patterns with Confidence

Unleashing Your Style: Mixing Patterns with Confidence

Sprucing up your bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it need to have a complete makeover. A simple change in your decor and even bedding can elevate the look of your bedroom. You might wonder, “How?” Well, you can start by mixing patterns in your bed.

We know mixing and matching patterns sounds tricky. Add one too many patterns and voila–your bedroom can get visually overwhelming. So, here are some tips on how to mix and match patterns.


The colors of your bedding are just as important as the variation of your bedding patterns. Keep in mind the color palette you want for your bedroom. Then, play around with bedding colors to create a contrast and accentuate a pattern. Remember that colors can make your bedroom look smaller or bigger, so build your color palette carefully.


This sounds easy, but don’t go shopping for random patterns right away! Select a maximum of three patterns with different types for your bedding. Mix a simple pattern with a complex one. But, make sure the scale of these patterns is varied to keep a cohesive look in your bedroom.

Start with choosing a smaller pattern for your sheets. Think floral and pinstriped patterns. But definitely, you can opt for other patterns as we have 69 different patterned sheets to choose from at Linens & Hutch.

Then, for a polished maximalist look, layer your bed with a color-coordinated patterned duvet or patterned comforter. With our 84 different patterned duvets and 20 pattern comforters, you can create design combos to suit various interior styles. If you'd like to switch up the look of your room often, you'd enjoy playing with styles through our line of reversible duvet covers and comforters.


If you are too hesitant to go for a pattern-on-pattern look, that’s okay. You can opt for a mix of patterned and solid-color bedding sets. You may try a pattern duvet cover with solid-color pillowcases and fitted sheets, or the other way around. Either way, adding a patterned bedding piece to a dominantly solid-color bedroom can provide an interesting focal point.

Switch up patterns and colors quickly with some of Linens & Hutch’s duvet covers and comforters that are reversible with two looks in one. This will work well for people who like to decorate their room according to their mood.

Keep it stylish and comfy

Yes, the aim is to have a stylish bedroom with patterned bedding sets. But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on our level of comfort. Go for beddings that are double brushed for softness, so you can have an all-around pleasant experience in your bedroom.

An elevated designer look isn’t confined to a minimalist approach. Mix-and-match of patterns can also bring that effect to your bedroom. All that you need are a few neat tips and high-quality products to bring life to your bedroom.