Finding Serenity through Minimalism and Texture

Finding Serenity through Minimalism and Texture

Regardless of everyone’s personal style, we can all agree that a serene and relaxing bedroom is a top priority. For a calming, modern bedroom, we tend to stick to just a warm, solid block of colors when we can do so much more.

Read on to learn how you can coordinate calming neutrals and layered textures to upgrade the comfort and look of your bedroom.


Start with textured sheets. You may be hesitant with choosing textured sheets as they might fall short of the comfort you expect. But, there are materials and textures that you can choose and still experience the cozy softness you’re looking for.

Linen blend sheets, for example, are the perfect choice that provides you with coziness and an elevated look for your bed. Linens & Hutch’s linen bamboo blend sheets come in four muted colors.

These are made of high-quality rayon from bamboo and linen, which results in a lightweight and soft material. The natural fibers make the sheets breathable and cooling for hot sleepers, but can still keep you cozy on cooler nights. These sheets get even more softer after each wash.

Worry no more about the quality when you wash this set as it softens after each wash.


Add textures that blend well with your bedroom to complete that serene modern look. Try our solid quilts that come in 6 different stitch patterns and 12 solid colors. You can choose among diamond, floral, striped, herringbone, damask, and square patterns. These textural patterns add a light-weight layer of cozy and full of visual interest.

If you’d like to add an elegant look to your bed, go with our pinch-pleat duvet cover as a layering piece–all done skillfully by hand. Throw in a comforter if you’d love to enjoy an all-season warmth in your bed. Our comforters are double-brushed for softness for a luxurious feel and a good night's sleep.


Choose the perfect throw blanket to complete the look of your bedroom. We have four different styles of throws that are full of texture and interest: slub-yarn, chunky knit, faux fur, and herringbone. Our favorites are the slub-yarn and faux fur throw blankets. Our slub-yarn throw blanket is made from 100% soft acrylic with a beautiful knotted fringed trim. This luxuriously soft and oversized throw is perfect if you're going for a homey yet elegant look.

If you want a more chic look for your bed, you can go with our faux fur throw blanket that has an elegant reversible design. It has super soft sherpa lining and faux fur texture to keep you snuggly and stylishly warm.

Don't limit yourself to just your bed—you can also incorporate textures in the rest of your bedroom. You can add linen blend curtains or textured rugs to create a seamless look.

Enjoying maximum comfort while maintaining a tastefully serene look in your bedroom is possible. It all comes down to picking quality products with the perfect texture and look to suit your style.