Why Duvet? Your Best Bedroom Ever

No offense to those quilts, bedspreads and comforters, but duvet covers are the best bedding solution ever.  If you’ve struggled to get that duvet into its cover in the past and given up, or you think that all bedding is created equal, we’ve got some news for you: once you duvet, you don’t go back.  That is, at least if you learn to duvet the easy way.

Here is how to enjoy a duvet and create your best sleeping experience in the most comfortable bedroom ever.

A Duvet Day

In some places taking “a duvet day” is a personal day off from work just to enjoy extra rest.  No one says “a quilt day” or a “blanket day,” but then a duvet is no ordinary bedding solution.

Duvets with a duvet cover are a relatively new invention, having come into use in only the last half of the 20th century.  They have quickly taken hold, though, especially in Europe and Asia where they are the most popular bedding choice.

In some countries they use a duvet and duvet cover with no additional blankets or sheets, except a fitted sheet underneath. Both the duvet cover and the fitted sheet can be washed with equal ease and regularity, making it the easiest bedding choice.

A quality duvet with goose down filling (or a high quality alternative filling, for allergy-sufferers), breathes in the summer but keeps you warm in the winter.  In very cold climates, consider adding a cozy afghan on top of all other bedding to stay extra warm. Sleeping with a weighted blanket, or even just the weight of a knit or crocheted blanket on top can provide extra warmth, and has even been shown to help both insomnia and anxiety-sufferers.

Pro Tip: Especially with young children, considering using a fitted sheet and duvet with cover for bedding.  Even elementary school children can make their bed with such simple elements.

Perks of Duvet

Why use a duvet?  If you still plan to use a flat sheet and other blankets, a duvet and duvet cover still have many other benefits:

  • Don’t buy a duvet for looks: a comforter needs to be purchased both for warmth and for looks.  When you choose a duvet, you will cover it as a pillow case covers a pillow, so you can buy just the highest quality, most comfortable duvet.
  • Then choose a cover: duvet covers come in many different styles.  You can change them out as regularly as you please, without having to replace your entire duvet.  Create a different look for each season with the right duvet cover.
  • Wash your bedding: Whether you choose a comforter or a duvet and cover, you regularly wash your bedding.  With a duvet cover, it’s as simple as washing a pillowcase.

The Tricky Bit

Where people sometimes have trouble with a duvet comes after the washing, when you must get that duvet cover back on your duvet.  There are two main methods to the duvet recovering.

  1. The pinch and shake - You can button or pin the two corners of your duvet to the inside of the duvet cover, the side away from the opening.  Insert the entire duvet into the cover. Then, grab the duvet by the two pinned corners and shake everything out until it lies flat.  The pinch and shake works best with smaller duvet sizes.
  2. The burrito method - You can lay the duvet cover flat, inside out, with the duvet on top, then roll the two together.  When you unroll, you also invert. Here is a video demonstrating the burrito method.

How ever you choose to duvet, you’ll enjoy simply the most cozy sleep of your life.