The Warmest Bedding for Cold Winter Nights

As fall gets closer, we tend to spend more time in our beds. In order not to freeze during the coldest winter nights, your bed needs transformation. Buying special warm bedding for winter would be the first step. It usually includes thicker bedsheets made of natural materials. Along with that, you can apply the layering technique that we’ll talk about further down.

As a rule, fall bedding isn’t that different from what we use during summer. The latter is more breathable and doesn’t trap heat that much. Though, when it’s cold outside, you don’t really want to let heat go away in vain. In this case, materials like cotton, flannel, and fleece would come in handy.

The mentioned materials don’t make a complete list since silk, bamboo, and even linen are used as well. All of them can be efficiently used in fall bedding sets manufacturing to provide extra warmth. Buying one like this will guarantee you a blissful night’s sleep along with maximum coziness and comfort.

The Best Warm Bedding Materials

To put it shortly, fleece is definitely the warmest bedding material you can use to survive during winter. It insulates heat perfectly thanks to its thickness and additional air impermeability. At the same time, it stays stretchy, soft, and wrinkle-resistant since it’s usually made of polyester. This isn’t the year-round alternative and is primarily used during fall or winter.

If you’re looking for something less warm, you can opt for flannel fabric. It’s not that common in bedding manufacturing yet has a lot to offer. Unlike fleece, it’s made out of cotton, wool, or sometimes synthetic cloth. This material traps heat well and lasts for many years. It doesn’t cause sweating since it’s not that thick in comparison to the material above. This fabric is also soft and surprisingly lightweight. Looking too perfect at first, it has a number of cons to consider:

  • Its natural origin may cause allergies or skin disorders
  • It’s more prone to pilling after being washed and dried
  • Loses color quite easily

Another much-loved and highly versatile bedding fabric is cotton. It features a medium ability to trap heat yet feels super soft and cozy. As a rule, cotton bedding is equally perfect for both summer and winter. If you’re a layer fan, you can combine a cotton sheet with a heavy blanket for extra warmth. Due to its popularity, it’s considered the coziest bedding for any season.

Coming down to less obvious options, fabrics derived from bamboo are also a great way out. Taking Lyocell as an example, it regulates your body temperature well and feels soft. Unfortunately, it has certain weak sides that may be crucial to some people:

  • It often has a too-low thread count meaning it lets air flow easier
  • Prone to shrinking and wrinkling
  • Requires special care
  • Quite expensive if compared to more widespread materials

Other than that, bamboo is a great choice if you’re looking for something unusual and eco-friendly.

Despite being thought of as a summer fabric, silk is also perfect for colder months. It retains heat well and has similar wicking effects as cotton. Combined with a luxurious look and soft feeling, it’s definitely a year-round material. Remember that silk products are always on the expensive side. It takes much time, money, and effort to produce them. Though, it’s a worthy investment for your bedroom and house in general that will last for ages if cared for properly.

Top Bedding Tips for Warm Winter Sleep

To make your bed even more attractive and comfortable place, not only warm bedding can be used. Other tips include the following points:

Preheat your bedroom

Before getting into your bed, heat your room with a radiator. It would be less expensive and more efficient than heating your entire home. Don’t forget to shut the door to keep the warmth inside all night long.

Use heated mattress pads

Of course, you can heat your bed with your body temperature or thick bedding, but sometimes it won’t be enough. To ease this process, use heated mattress pads by putting them underneath you. They’ll warm the bed, and you won’t feel chilly once you get in there.

Choose warmer comforters

Returning to the bedding topic, invest in buying a winter comforter or duvet. The latter usually come with a tog value, which measures how warm it should be. If you live in a colder climate, go for 13.5-15 points to get maximum warmth. If you’re a hot sleeper yet still want to feel cozy, your choice falls between 7.5-10.5 points.

Go for flannel bedsheets

No other bedsheets can guarantee you the same warmth as flannel sheets do. This material is basically brushed cotton that provides maximum comfort. It may seem itchy to some people, but it’s a rare thing to hear. Such sheets trap heat well and don’t cost a fortune.

Put on warm pajamas

Last but not least — wear warm pajamas if none of the above tips help. It only will be better if it’s made of flannel. This is a great and cheap way to trap heat for your body and spend every night feeling no shivering.

How to Layer Your Bedding to Survive Cold Nights

Transforming your own bedroom into an Instagram-like picture is actually easier than you imagine. Everything begins with a mattress that should be of an ideal size exactly for you. Other layers include the following:
  • Any of the sheets made of cozy flannel designed specifically for winter
  • A blanket is a must-have thing
  • For extra softness and warmth, add a comforter
  • A quilt goes on top of everything
  • Other accessories like a throw blanket can be put at your feet
With layering like this, you will never want to leave your bed and go outdoors. This isn’t only the warmest way to layer bedding but also the fanciest one.

How to Get Better Sleep in Winter

Winter is a hard time only because of one reason — the lack of daylight. Everything else is bearable. In order not to fall out of your sleeping schedule and sleep like a baby the whole winter, follow these tips:

Keep moving

Your body will tell you the opposite thing. Winter is usually associated with staying inside and doing nothing. Though, keep moving to feel refreshed and energized throughout the day, and it’ll be easier to fall asleep in the evening.

Don’t overheat

With all the advice to get under the thickest and warmest bedding, you should watch carefully not to overheat your body. A temperature ranging around 65 degrees will be enough for the majority of people. In this case, you’ll sleep comfortably and wake up rested.

Set up summer reminders

Remember that winter isn’t endless and summer will eventually come. Buying bedding flowers for winter will remind you of this cherished moment. A flannel bedsheet set like this is available at Linens and Hutch in different colors and sizes. It comes at an attractive price starting at $129.99 depending on the size.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

The easiest advice to follow is to buy every bedding piece of the same color as everything else in your room. It will look stylish and harmonically. On top of it, you can throw some decorative pillows to lie on before falling asleep completely.

The same goes for quilts and blankets that can be used not to cover when sleeping but just for decor. Finally, pick out a particular theme you enjoy and decorate your room accordingly. It can be anything starting from little and fluffy bunnies to your favorite year season. In this case, you won’t feel depressed during cold winter nights.

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