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The Sibling Dynamic - Three Months In

The Sibling Dynamic - Three Months In

Posted on 23 August 2018

Just look at these two!

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When we brought Maisie home, Henry thought she was cute, but when it was time to go to bed and she had priority over mama's snuggles and milk, he wasn't as good with her. 

Anytime she nursed, he would cry and yell and want to nurse too. That has gotten better just from him weaning though. He finds comfort in just cuddling me or sitting beside me now, and I love it!

There are times that Henry can still be jealous of his baby "sis," but pretty rarely, actually. If he's playing in his room and he hears her start to whine, he'll run to her screaming, "beeeeeebeeeee!!!" He does not like her being upset at all. 

That hasn't stopped him from seeing what would happen if his stuffed Mr. Incredible body slammed her, though...

Henry is still not even two and Maisie is three and a half months, but they already love each other so much. 

Getting to witness their relationship grow first hand has already been so amazing. And I know it's only going to grow so much more as they age. Thinking of them getting to experience homeschooling together, (if that's what we still decide is right for our family) and play outside together and imagine like I did with my siblings just makes my heart happy. I hope he has that sweet protective nature to take care of her through their teenage years if she has trouble with boys. 

And more than anything, I hope they can be life long accountability partners in their walks with the Lord for each other, even when their dad and I are long gone. 

Thank you for reading!  


Lindsey Luekenga @lindseyluekenga

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