That Perfect Guest Room

My husband and I moved back into our home that we had been renovating (for what seemed like an eternity) this spring. At the time of moving back in, we also found ourselves nearly 6 months pregnant with our second baby so unpacking, nesting and figuring out what furniture was staying and what was getting kicked to the curb was suddenly a full time job.
After we had our first child, Georgia, our former dedicated guest room went to her and when we moved back in, I was really excited to tackle setting up the new guest room we now have. My family still lives in Atlanta and Florida and many of my close friends have moved up north or back east, so I love feeling like there’s a comfortable, permanent place for my loved ones to rest their heads in my home.
We decided on the 3-piece Herring Quilted Coverlet Set in white because it’s the perfect versatile weight for California weather and, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with room design, it allowed me to start with a blank slate and add color and pattern with throw pillows. Best of all, I can change this room so easily, whether I find other accessories down the line or if I want to switch out the pillows for the holidays. I had this great rug I picked up by the beach years ago and found the weathered grey bed frame, end tables and lamps at Birch Lane to complete this easy, California vibe. Honestly, it’s so comfy and casual, I can’t get anyone off the bed now… four legged friends included. :)

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Christine @yolakin

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