Sustainable and Refreshing: How Bamboo Can Keep You Cool


Sustainable and Refreshing: How Bamboo Can Keep You Cool

Not all sheets are created equally. Choosing the right fabric for your bed can help you get the best night sleep. For an ultimate cooling comfort, look no further than the bamboo fabric that has naturally temperature regulating properties and a silky soft touch.

Linens & Hutch offers you sheets that are 100% rayon made from bamboo for superior cooling. Opt-in for linen blend sheets, if you love the texture and breathability of linen and the cooling effects of bamboo.


What makes bamboo sheets the best choice for hot sleepers? These sheets are made of 100% rayon from bamboo, which is naturally lightweight and breathable.

Bamboo’s temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties stimulate better airflow for an improved release of body heat. This breathability maximizes comfort and promotes a better night’s sleep.


Bamboo sheets are woven into a silky, lightweight fabric with your comfort in mind. Luxuriously soft to the hand and cool to the touch, this sheet will give you all the amenities of a sophisticated look with the natural cooling properties of bamboo.

Our bamboo sheets are available in several chic colors and two constructions: 100% rayon made from bamboo or linen bamboo blend.


Proper care for any kind of bedding is key to making it last. Our bamboo sheet sets are machine-wash-safe as they are made twice as strong as cotton. Meticulous fabric care is the last thing you’ll worry about with our selection of bamboo sheets. Plus, our bamboo sheets come in 8 different colors that are fade-resistant: Aqua, Gray, Ivory, Light Blue, Light Gray, Navy, Taupe, and White.

Opting for bamboo sheets can give you more than just the comfort and coolness you want while you sleep. It’s an optimal choice in providing excellent value for money and comfort that will give you restful sleep every single night.