Redoing Our Bedroom on a Budget

It has been years since I updated our master bedroom, and it was definitely time for a change! My goal was to make the room feel fresh, calm, and classy - all without breaking the bank! To keep costs down, replacing the furniture and curtains were not options. So how do you easily give your master bedroom a makeover and stay in a tight budget? I’ve discovered there are four easy steps!

1. Plan

First put together a full plan of what you want the room to look like. Ask yourself what styles you like best and what colors make you calm and happy. Once you've decided which direction to go, start searching the web and Pinterest for photos of rooms that you are drawn to. Look closely at the photos you like to see what paint colors they used. Also, what color is the bedding? And what kind of accessories did they style the room with? Pick out what you like and pin, bookmark or write it down. Then decided which ideas you will implement in your room. I decided I wanted to go a modern farmhouse look with a lot of white in the room.

2. New Bedding

New bedding is a game changer! It’s the main focus of the room. It really sets the tone for the entire space. I kept the majority of my bedding white because I still wanted the room to feel light and airy like it did before. I did add new bedding with fringe lace on it - to add texture. I also wanted to add some pops of color, so I used some blue, white and gray floral shams. Then I added a white rose chiffon throw pillow to finish the look.

My super soft gray sheets from Linens & Hutch were the perfect way to add a bit of color and yet still keep the neutral color pallet. They are my go-to because they go with every style. And their premium sheets are my favorite!

3. Paint

One of the cheapest room transformations can be done with paint! Once you know the color scheme you want and have selected any new furniture or bedding - it’s time to pick out paint. After looking at paint cards, narrow your choices down to a few colors and then buy samples of each color. A sample jar is about $3.00 at Lowe’s. Go home and paint a fairly large (12” x 12”) swatch directly on the wall. I’d suggest painting a few of these on different walls so that you can see how the paint looks in the light and shadows. Too many people only paint a little square. This can be misleading as the new color can be influenced by the old paint color. When you paint a larger sample, you can see more of the new color. For our room I wanted a fresh look with more of a farmhouse shabby chic vibe. So we painted it a light grey called Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams.

4. Accessories

I kept the same glass ball lamps - I still love them because they add sparkle and I love the round shapes. I added the mirrors above the night stands to help make the room look larger, and to bring in a touch of glam. Then I swapped out the florals and added the clock and books. I kept the white window treatments, as white goes with almost everything, and then added a gray vintage patterned rug to finish off the look of the room.

I loved how the room turned out! It feels fresh, and it feels good every time I walk into it.

So next time you're ready to update a bedroom on a budget, follow these four easy steps and you’ll be good to go!



Nissa-Lynn @nissalynninteriors


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