Master Bedroom Reveal

Master Bedroom Reveal

Posted on 03 December 2018

If you want to know what it looks like to improvise with the space you’re given and build your master suit in your basement, look no further because that’s exactly what we did. When Brandon and I first bought our house, we knew wanted to keep it as a rental property after we out grew it. Since we used what was technically considered the third bedroom in our house as a dining room (it was right off the kitchen, definitely not bedroom material) we decided to replace the lost bedroom and add a second bathroom in our basement along with a second family room space. Right away when we moved in, the basement was one of the first things to be ripped out. We never imagined building our master downstairs but since we had already planned on adding a room there, we would have our own bathroom, not to mention we would be able to pick the room and closet sizes and customize it to our liking, it seemed like the best option.



Flash forward to it finally being finished and it turned out amazing! Some of my favorite features (apart from the large closet room that i quickly took over) are the built in bookcases, the faux wood beam, and how all of the electrical is customized to our needs and liking.Our built in book cases are actually from Ikea (the Billy Bookcases) and Brandon secured them to the wall and framed them in so they looked like they were always meant to be here. I love the extra storage and decor options and it helps bring some character into a new space. Our wood beam was a necessity but I secretly wanted one all a long. It cover’s the center support beam of our house all while bringing in some more character. That last one might sound like of lame but there’s really nothing like having outlets exactly where you need them and a cordless tv setup haha it’s the little things.

One of the most exciting things about moving into our new room was that we finally had the space for a king size bed! I never new just how amazing this would be until we actually got it and let me tell you, it’s a game changer people! We got our mattress from Tulo, it’s the “soft” option and it is the most amazing bed we’ve ever owned. Our bed frame is from amazon, it was a great deal and arrived really quick. Our bedding is all from Linens & Hutch and it is SO incredibly soft! I didn’t realize good sheets made that much of a difference until we got these! 

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