Master Bedroom Revamp

Master Bedroom Revamp

Posted on 23 September 2018

Hello loves! I am  A B S O L U T E L Y  obsessed with home decor and DIY projects so I wanted to give a "bedroom tour" of how I made this space in my house calm and relaxing without breaking the bank.

When we first moved into our home a little over four years ago, we purchased brand new bedroom furniture (it was so exciting). Our bedroom decor was dark, bland, and boring so I decided to "revamp" it. I have always wanted a lighter and brighter bedroom space.

I am currently  O B S E S S E D  with navy blue, so I knew I needed to bring this color into our bedroom space. Now this is a more masculine color, so I knew I needed to add some lighter more feminine touches ~ light grays and blues, fun pillows, and gold accents. 

Well one of the subtle yet very important changes I made involved the duvet cover and pillows. I’m the type of girl that will buy the the most inexpensive bedding and continuously replace them throughout the year. Ya, ya, ya,  I know that investing in a nice set will not only improve the hubby and my sleep… but it will last for years to come. Here’s where Linens & Hutch comes in!!! When they asked if I wanted to try out their bedding I jumped at the opportunity. They were so sweet to send me a duvet cover along with 2 pillow cases.  I love them! The duvet is super soft and comes in so many colors options. So if you're in need of a cozy and cute new bed set head over to Linens and Hutch… you can thank me later.

The bedside table tops are not very big, so putting lamps on them was really not an option for us. Instead, my husband and I decided we needed to find lamps that we could mount on the wall next to the bed frame. This way we would get that extra light we needed and still have the bedside table tops open and uncluttered. I am happy to report that my bedside table is once again open and uncluttered! After Oliver was born, it had a very different functions. It housed my water bottle, pump and bottles, along with my cell phone. Now it houses my dried eucalyptus, water bottle, and a few of Oliver’s toys.

The last spot (and my  F A V O R I T E  place in our bedroom) is my makeup vanity. I have wanted a makeup vanity for as long as I can remember! So when we went thrift store shopping one day and came across this old scratched red vanity... I knew it was the perfect piece to add to our bedroom. It was originally red! As soon as we brought it home I got to work making this vanity a focal point in the room. I decided that instead of painting it white like the rest of our furniture, I wanted it to be gray and really "pop" in our bedroom. Now, after having my baby boy this space was not used as frequently, but as life changes and I am back at work, it is getting used daily once again!

Here is all of my sources:

Paint Color - Behr Silver Drop

Faux Brick Wall - Home Depot

Bed Frame - Wayfair

Duvet Cover – Linens & Hutch

Throw Pillows - HomeGoods 


Side Tables - IKEA

Dresser - IKEA

Matching Dresser - IKEA

Wall Lamps - IKEA


Makeup Vanity - Thrift Store Find (re-sanded and painted)

Wall Art - Target



Corinne @be__you__blog

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