Little But Fierce — And Incredibly Cozy

So we’ve been slowly but surely completing the construction work in the lower level of our new addition, and the latest room to be finalized was a rather tiny space which does some serious multitasking. Upon first glance, it appears to be merely a den of sorts, but the sofa pulls out into an extra bed for guests, and one entire wall is dedicated to closets and an enclosed built-in which houses a laundry area with a stackable washer and dryer. Measuring a humble 9 x 9 feet (roughly), this diminutive space has essentially become one of the most functional and used areas in our home. Even more so given my parents’ recent visit to the US from overseas; thankfully, we were able to finish the room just in time for their arrival!

I like my interiors to have a bit of drama, as I personally enjoy spaces that are bold and visually stimulating. That said, there has to be a definitive element of coziness in a room for it to feel inviting – especially when sleeping is involved! That’s where Linens & Hutch comes in and consistently shines, because their product is truly unsurpassed when it comes to comfort, in my opinion. They have THE softest sheets and duvet covers which are an absolute delight! Not to mention a wonderful array of colorways and designs to choose from. I opted for a vibrant purple duvet cover and a sheet set with classic striping to dress the bed and I simply adore the mix. The saturated color definitely makes a statement and injects a dose of regal personality in the room, and by making the bed simply without too much fuss, one can appreciate just how plush and cozy the linens are. My parents are similarly smitten and can’t get over how comfortable the bedding is…I just may have to gift them a set when they return home!



Astrid @insieme_house


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