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It's Time for Spring Cleaning, and You Know What that Means!

It's Time for Spring Cleaning, and You Know What that Means!

Posted on 07 May 2018

The air is warming, the sun is shining, and we start to see the end of the school year approaching.  Sometime around or right after Easter, and usually before Mothers’ Day, we get hit with a natural, overwhelming urge to see our homes truly sparkle.  The projects that got a little neglected in the winter (and the holiday season), such as cleaning windows, carpets, and cleaning up the yard, suddenly start to seem like top priorities.

For some of spring cleaning hits like a maddening fever, and we throw ourselves at hours’ worth of work.  It can end up frustrating, time-consuming, or exhausting. We have another approach...spring cleaning to make life more enjoyable!

Be Willing to Get Help...and Enjoy the Process

Rather than to end up physically and emotionally worn out as a result of hours worth of hard labor, enter spring cleaning with a fresh mindset.  

Instead of thinking of it as, “getting rid of things,” “purging,” or even “organizing,” try thinking of spring cleaning as a chance to curate your home and enhance your life.  When things are neat, clean, and exactly where we expect them to be, our homes provide better service for our lives--enhancing our lives instead of feeling like a burden.

Instead, plan the spring cleaning in such a way that you include everyone in the family, and hire out some of the tougher jobs such as shampooing the carpet, cleaning fabric on furniture, or window washing your home’s exterior.

Take it in Stages...and Take a Little Extra Time

There’s no rules about spring cleaning, certainly not that you need to try to plow through in a single weekend.  Instead, make a list of what you intend to clean or have done (Martha Stewart has a list online here, including how to do each job).

Then, plan jobs by date.  Some families find it more effective to just use one weekend day each weekend (such as Saturday) for deep cleaning projects, and then enjoy a family fun activity the next day for all of the hard work (such as a family Sunday afternoon hike).  

If you can divide your list into tasks that can be completed on the same day that you start them, you will be increasing order in your home, instead of living in a spring cleaning chaos.

Don’t Forget to Spring Clean Life

Another way to make spring cleaning feel like a big “refresh” button, instead of a big burden, is to use it as an opportunity to address any neglected areas of your life.  Try spring cleaning:

  • Your schedule - Clean up your schedule to be loaded with the things which bring you joy, and get yourself out of commitments which do not enhance your life.
  • Your friends - Take a look at all of your friends, including online and IRL.  Go ahead and cleanup that news feed or that friend time to include the people which bring you joy, enhance your life, or help make you the best version of yourself.  Unfollow on social media anyone dragging you down. Instead, spend more time IRL with the friends who bring you joy.
  • Your car/computer/electronics - Use spring cleaning to bring all of the things which you use regularly up-to-date.  Get that oil change, the computer backed up, the software updated--whatever you need to do to bring everything forward to now.

What Spring Cleaning can Mean

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean franticness. Following this approach, you can make spring cleaning mean family time, a more organized life, a more joyful living experience, and less stress.

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