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Improve Your Sleep

Improve Your Sleep

Posted on 11 October 2018

Hello loves, I talked a little about our bedroom on Instagram told you guys that we would be changing up this space very soon. Well one of the subtle yet very important changes we made involved the sheets and pillows. I’m the type of girl that will buy the the most inexpensive sheets and pillows and continuously replace them throughout the year. Although I know that investing in a nice set will not only improve our sleep but last for years to come.

When the shop Linens and Hutch asked if I wanted to try out their bedding I jumped at the opportunity. They were so sweet to send me two of their down pillows and an amazing 6-piece sheet set and I have been loving them! The sheets are super soft and come in many colors and patterns. And the pillows are to die for!!! So much thicker than the ones I’m used to and I don’t wake up sore anymore.

They also sell some gorgeous comforter sets and even mattress covers. So if your in need of a cozy and cute new bed set head over to Linens and Hutch, you can thank me later.


Kaley @thelittlewhitefarmhouse

Shop the 6-piece Sheet Set pictured here. 
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