How I Make My Bed

Aww the joys of making the bed!! Ok, I have to be honest, I don’t make my bed or my kid’s beds everyday… insert gasp! I did an Instagram post about a year ago and asked if you were a bed maker or not a bed maker like me. The overwhelming majority were daily bed makers and boy oh boy were they adamant that I should be too lol!! Well I don’t make my bed daily, but when I do I like to make it look as pretty as possible, so I thought I’d share how I like to make my beds. 
So first, I put on my fitted sheet and top sheet and tuck the top sheet in on all sides. These super soft and comfy sheets are from Linen & Hutch. Their sheets are seriously some of the softest sheets I’ve ever owned and they have great prices. Plus if you code: housebecomeshome at check out you get an additional 30% off!!! 
I have the Stippled Sheet Set for Linens & Hutch which is so cute!
After my sheets are on, I put on the quilt. I always like to have a light weight quilt on the bed. Not only does it help with warmth it adds another layer to your bed. I found this quilt at Homegoods but here is a similar one. I don’t tuck in the sides of the quilt on my bed, but on other beds I do.
So I found this super soft blanket at Homegoods the other day and I just fell in love with the color. I knew it would great with my color scheme so in my cart it went. I don’t usually have a blanket on my bed but I like the additional color and layer it adds. So I added the blanket over my quilt. I have a king size bed and all my bedding is king size, but rarely does it cover the sides of my mattress which bugs me!!
Now goes on the duvet with the cover on. I first lay the duvet out completely. A good duvet is a must in my opinion. I have a down filled one, but you can also get a down alternative. Having a duvet is so nice because because you can just buy duvet covers to change up the style quickly and easily. Plus duvet covers fold up just like sheets so they don’t take up a lot of room! Don’t mind the wrinkles I didn’t use my favorite steamer yet! 
Then I fold the Duvet in half. Now with this cover the polka dot design is only on one side, so I have to lay it upside down to begin with so the pattern shows when I fold it in half.
You could either leave the duvet folded in half or fold it half one more time so it lays just at the end of your bed.
This quilt I bought has a cute stripe on the back of it so I wanted that to show that. I just pulled back the fist third or so of the quilt to expose the stripes.
Ok moving on to the fun part; the pillows!!! I suggest having three Euro size pillows if you have a king bed to line the back. Euro pillows are 26×26 inches. I like having a neutral color like white or grey usually. I do place my sleeping pillows behind these Euro pillows usually, but I thought this looked better to show you, but if you have a closet or somewhere where you can store your everyday sleeping pillows that’s even better. I think beds look best without them.
Next I add two more Euro size pillows. I found these super cute navy stripped ones the other day! They are an amazing price online too, but they said they were running low so buy them now if you want them! If you do not have this many Euro size pillows you could use throw pillows on this step.
I mean how cute and summery are theses?! They are only $19.99 for down filled! You probably couldn’t buy just the insert for that price! 
Now just add a couple cute throw pillows in front and you’re done!! I have an established pillow hoarding problem! So if you don’t have this many pillows that’s ok too! Just make sure all your pillows and bedding coordinate. I love mixing blues and whites and then tossing in some pink or taupe. You can see on the side here that I have four layers to the bed. The sheetsquilt, blanket and duvet
Now add a cute pink throw blanket and tray and you have a bed worthy of a picture! Lots of times I just place a throw blanket on the bottom of the bed or drape it on the bench like here. Oh, and if you are going to have a good amount of pillows like me, then an end of bed bench is a must! That’s where all my pillows go when the bed is not made.

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Thank you for reading!

Jordan Farmer @ house.becomes.home

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