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Frills, Thrills, & Affordable Bedding

Frills, Thrills, & Affordable Bedding

Posted on 27 September 2018

Lucy (the dog) spent the weekend with us and Ellie couldn’t help but want to dress her up every chance she got. So I returned the favor and dressed the girls up similarly. I’m not sure, can you tell who had the most fun with this?  I don’t know how I ended up with such a girly-girl but to see her smile is worth all the tutus and frill.

Sometimes it's hard to get the girls to behave. We’ve figured out an unexpected but effective threat to get them to behave. Apparently if we threaten to SEPARATE them, they freak. (Well Ellie freaks and Layla copies her). It’s like it’s a bad word. And now I know its power.

Our new affordable bedding is from Linens and Hutch. If you use the code HELLOMYLOVEBLOG you get 30% off and free shipping making everything a steal. This king duvet and pillow case set would be under $35.00! Thought I’d share. Just like Ellie shares her tutus with Lucy.


Jessie @hellomyloveblog


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