Don't Sweat It! Here Are the 3 Best Affordable Cooling Sheets to Help You Stay Cool This Summer

As summer approaches, many people often struggle to find ways to stay cool without going broke. You might have the money but are worried about spending it on things that don't live up to expectations or break easily after being used once. Luckily there are several affordable cooling sheets available right now which offer both heat relief and value for your hard-earned dollar. Read this article to learn all about three of these fine sheets currently on the market - you'll never feel overheated again!

Fabric Choices For Cooling Sleep

The term breathable often gets thrown around when referring to fabrics and textiles - but do you know what it means? A fabric's breathability is determined by how much air passes through the cloth. Better breathability ratings indicate that moisture can escape from the surface of a material more easily. For example, cooling blankets are typically made out of materials that allow your body heat to escape while letting cool air pass into them too. Not only do these textiles stay cooler than cotton sheets or other sorts during hot summer nights, but they remain comfortable during winter too. From different types of fabric weave patterns to specific types of weave such as jersey knit or quilted - bedding websites recommend using various knits or weaves for maximum comfort


Linen is a natural fabric that has been woven with other materials such as cotton or rayon because of its elasticity. Unlike other fabrics, linen doesn't trap dust and allergens inside the weave which makes it an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies and sensitivities. Linen also does not retain heat when compared to cotton due to its looser weave.


The fabric most looked for when shopping for sheets, especially those who want some smoothness or crispness to their purchase, is percale. This type of fabric is usually made from cotton from Egypt and offers more protection against heat than linen bedding materials do because it has a tightly woven surface. People interested in this product should try to stay away from polyester fabrics because they are not as breathable as man-made materials like fiberglass sheeting.


Made up of tiny loops, these microfibers are lightweight and durable, unlike their cotton counterparts which hold onto heat. These clothes make it easy to regulate temperature without adding too much bulkiness or weight - they're perfect for people who always need the air conditioner going full blast when they sleep. One thing you should look out for though is cheaper fabrics made from low-quality materials; because they're not processed well, they won't wick away sweat as quickly as high-quality material will.


Linen is just like bamboo when it comes to trapping allergens and providing optimal ventilation. But unlike linen, bamboo sheets are much easier to take care of- simply put them in the washing machine when they get dirty or wrinkled. Plus, they're less likely to shrink than cotton sheets because they're made out of a different material altogether! If you're looking for some good quality but still affordable sheets - check out these bamboo ones that'll keep you cool during the hot days and warm during those cold nights.

Best Cooling Sheets For Night Sweats

Our bodies are normally at rest and in a relatively relaxed condition while we sleep. Unfortunately, some persons with sweating difficulties sweat far more during sleep than they do while they are up and active. Even if you're not sweating through your sheets, some types of fabric might make sleeping uncomfortable. Investing in cooling sheets is one solution. These sheets frequently feature various textures on each side, which aids in cooling your body as you sleep. While there are other alternatives available, we've selected three of our favorites that won't break the bank.
  1. Bamboo Sheet Set: Made of only 100% rayon derived from sustainable bamboo, these sheets offer silky feeling textures that will make sure you sleep coolly through the entire night. The colors available are Aqua, Gray, Ivory, Light Blue, Light Gray, Navy, Taupe, and White. With one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases included in a set- no matter what size it may be; a twin or full-sized bed - there is something for everyone.
  2. Linen Bamboo Blend Sheet Set: Soft, smooth sheets at an affordable price. You'll love how silky these sheets feel on your skin, despite the fiber content consisting of 80% rayon and 20% linen (which is supposed to promote breathability). You won't have to worry about bacteria accumulating over time because the material has built-in antibacterial properties.
  3. Essential Sheet Set: This high-quality, double-brushed microfiber bedding is durable and wrinkle resistant. It offers many benefits like its antibacterial properties which make it perfect for someone who has delicate skin or allergies. Furthermore, this set comes in four different colors to match any bedroom décor; Blue, Gray, Natural, and White.

How Does A Cooling Sheets Work?

If you're not familiar with cooling sheets, they're often constructed of breathable, moisture-wicking materials such as bamboo, microfibers, or linen. When you lie down on them, the heat from your body is transported through the fabric and chilled by some fundamental physics: when water evaporates from your skin, it provides a cooling effect by converting it to vapor. This not only provides a cooler surface for your body to rest on, but it also keeps you dry by wicking sweat away from your skin and distributing it into the air.

Hot Sleeper Solutions

Hot temperatures can be uncomfortable, but staying cool doesn't always require an air conditioner. If you don't want to run one at night and still want to feel comfortable in your bedroom:
  1. Inspect the fabric of your bedding.
  2. Reduce the number of blankets you use on your bed (the more blankets or sheets you use, the hotter it will be because there won't be enough airflow).
  3. Place a bucket of ice near a fan so that cold air instead of hot light streams out at night - this way while it feels colder outside, it'll feel warmer indoors which will translate into feeling cooler inside).
  4. Make sure all windows are shut tightly and sealed; this prevents hot summer weather from seeping through your home.)
  5. Keep your room as dark as possible - sleeping with curtains drawn and wearing an eye mask would help tremendously with this!
  6. Try using cooling sheets while you sleep.

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