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Diagnosing the Makeover Bug

Diagnosing the Makeover Bug

Posted on 18 July 2018

Have you ever sat down to watch an hour of one of those home remodeling shows on television hoping to get some inspiration and find yourself getting sucked into a trap that has you sitting there for hours on end watching show after show, or spent an evening pinning your way through Pinterest obsessively looking for that one pin that will cure your makeover bug?  


The makeover bug is very contagious and if you’ve got it, the first thing you need to do is diagnose the problem by identifying your symptoms and ask yourself if you’re ready for a full-on renovation project or if a simple refresh of your space will do?  If the first option has you chomping at the bit and a major reno is what you had in mind, be ready to make a commitment because the minute you grab your sledge hammer, step up to the plate and take that first swing at your drywall or lathe and plaster or whatever it is you’re aiming for, you’ve just committed yourself to a long-term relationship. But if your symptoms aren’t quite as severe, your cure may be a simple room refresh that can be done in just five easy steps.


Step 1

First things first, clear out the clutter.  It is amazing how refreshed you can feel simply by purging a space. Getting rid of the “white noise” in the room is essential too, then, figure out how you will proceed.


Step 2

Now, step back and take a look at the room once you’ve eliminated all the clutter. This is when you can really see your canvas. The best advice I can give you is to keep your palette neutral. I know you’ve heard this before but if you’re susceptible to the makeover bug, this is most important because it makes it that much easier to make changes later. If that means painting your walls, then choose a color that fits and paint your walls. I promise you will not regret it.  


Step 3

By now you’re already loving a particular “style” of decor or “look” that you’re going for so this is a great time to reference back to ALL of those pins you have spent so many hours on and pick a color that works best with your style to incorporate into the space.


Step 4

Choosing accessories such as bedding, rugs, pillow and lamps can be just the right medication to cure your bug. I recently did a guest room makeover and the bedding from Linens & Hutch was my main focal point. You can browse through their online shop and never have to skimp on quality and beauty.  I chose the Ribbon Patterned Three Piece Duvet Cover Set and it took center stage matching the farmhouse style I was looking for. Remember, if this is a room you’re considering, you want to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible. This is, however, their home away from home while they are visiting. Linens & Hutch offers just the right options for any style that you’re looking for.


Step 5

Add personal touches. Let your guests know you’re happy they are there. Roll fresh new towels up and tuck them in a basket or bucket, add a snack tray of water bottles and biscotti so your guests can have a midnight snack, and add a cute little chalkboard sign to the room displaying your WiFi password so they never have to ask.


So the next time you start feeling like the makeover bug is about to hit, remembering these 5 easy steps for refreshing any room can be your best medication:


1. Declutter your space

2. Start with a neutral canvas

3. Pick an accent color

4. Choose accessories

5. Make it personal


Knowing the cure before the bug hits is definitely the best remedy.


Happy Decorating!


XO - Kristi @thepickledrose


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