Color, Pattern & Texture

It's no secret that a neutral color palette makes me happy. After all, white, black, and grey are my favorite colors. But sometimes it's hard to get that pop you love in your bedding without bold colors. Fortunately for all you neutral or monochromatic palette lovers out there, I have some great tips for designing your bed and still getting that designer look while keeping true to your colors (or lack there of). I have broken it down into three main components: the uses of color, pattern, and texture to make the bed of your dreams!


The first thing you want to establish is your main color. This color will be used throughout your bedding in all the different patterns and texture. I chose white as my main color and grey for an accent. Since my bed frame is black, I wanted something to lighten it up. I went with this super soft quilted Coverlet in solid white, light and bright just what I was looking for!


For the pattern, you want to find something that has all the colors you are using in your bedding (whether it's two, three, or more) because this is what you are going to be pulling from, and the detail that ties it all together. When your bedding is lacking bright colors, it's good to use a bold pattern. I absolutely fell in love with this Duvet Cover. The new spin on the classic chevron pattern tips the scales for me, and I had to have it! To go along with that, I picked a more subtle pattern with the same colors for my sheets. Stripes to me are the neutral of patterns. They complement any pattern that you put them with seamlessly. For my bed I chose these adorable Pinstriped Sheets.


Adding in the different textures is my favorite because it adds so much interest to your bedding and gives you that designer look! The more texture the better! I used texture in three different ways on my bedding and they complement each other perfectly! The first layer of texture is the matching pillows for my white coverlet. It's quilted in a herringbone pattern, giving it subtle texture. It's a classic and subtle pattern that gives a little bit of a pop to a solid white blanket. The next piece of texture and probably the boldest is the faux fur pillows. By keeping them white, the texture is the main focus and doesn't distract from the other patterns in my bedding. Finally I picked a solid grey sweater pillow with great texture, and a complimentary patterned pillow to tie the hole look together. 
Combining those three concepts together will take you bedding from average to designer, and quickly making it the coziest place in the house!!


Kaycie @greybirchdesigns

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