Color Block Like a Pro: How to Create a Stylish and Eye-Catching Look


Color Block Like a Pro: How to Create a Stylish and Eye-Catching Look

Adding a splash of color in your bedroom can help you achieve a clean modern look. All you need to do is choose the right colors to create a cohesive style for your bedroom.

Linens & Hutch has sheet sets and sheet separates that can help you build your ideal color block story.


Don’t get overwhelmed. Color harmony is very simple to remember. And for your bedroom, you can explore these three color harmonies to find one that suits your style: analogous, complementary, and monochromatic.

Analogous refers to the neighboring colors in the color wheel. Think blue, aqua and greens, for example.  Complementary refers to colors that are directly opposite of each other in the color wheel. Think blue and orange, green and red or purple and yellow.

Monochromatic refers to one hue in varying degrees of lightness or darkness. Think dark blue and light blue.

Regardless of your preferred color harmony, our six-piece essential sheet set comes in 19 colors, or our 2-piece pillowcase set comes in 13 colors  so you have plenty of options to play around with.

If you’d like to add texture to your color block story, we have four-piece sheet sets that have embossed patterns like checkered, chevron, and striped.


After choosing the color harmony you want for your bed, it’s time to decide if you’d like to go for a warmer or a cooler ambience.

For a warm and cozy-looking bed, you may opt for our sheets in blush, ivory, clay, or gold. You can mix and match some of these colors to create a summer- or spring-inspired environment.

For a cool and calming ambience, you can go for our sheets in navy, light blue, ocean, and stone colors. With a combination of these colors, you can come up with a winter-inspired or regal-looking bed.


Not only can you add more colors through layers, but you’ll also increase the comfort you can enjoy in your bed. Throw in a duvet cover and a comforter. Our duvet covers and comforters are double-brushed for softness. Both of our duvet covers and comforters come in with plenty of benefits that you can experience: naturally hypoallergenic and wrinkle-resistant.

Color options won’t be a problem as we offer our three-piece duvet cover set in 16 gorgeous colors; some are reversible and come with two looks in one, so you can switch up your color story as often as you’d like.

Some of our comforters are also reversible, providing you with two looks in one for an easy change in style. For an added detail, you can opt for our patterned comforters with 20 pattern styles available.

We hope these design tips can get you started in creating your dream modern bedroom that is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable.