Chic Modern Blush Pink Bedroom Decor

Our master bedroom is not even close to being done. We plan on getting a new dresser, possibly adding in a wardrobe and we still need curtains!  We’re also thinking about doing some wall paper and putting up photos/artwork. I feel like it’s going to take years before our entire house is all decorated but we are getting there a little bit at a time.


As you can see, I’m trying to stick to a chic and feminine theme but also not too feminine.  I want hints of blush pink, but also trying to keep it modern as well.  With our canopy bed, it makes it a bit easier to keep it a bit more modern. Also, we are ordering new nightstands, so the room is going to look different once we get all our new furniture in.

One thing that I did get was new bedding and I’m so in love with it that I had to share.


The Duvet and the Coverlet that we got are honestly the softest bedding that I’ve ever purchased!  I’m pretty picky about bedding because I can not stand scratchy sheets. I usually sleep in a tank top and shorts (even in the winter!) as I can’t stand sleeping with any kind of clothing covering my legs or arms and like to keep warm with cozy sheets and blankets.

I’ve spent a lot of money on sheets and duvet covers before only to find that they can still be scratchy and takes a few washes before they finally soften up.  TIP: add white vinegar to your wash to help speed up the process of softening your sheets.  It truly works!


What we have on our bed is the Vine Duvet Cover Set that comes with the duvet cover and 2 pillow cases.  And the Quilted Coverlet Set that also comes with 2 matching pillow cases.  Both of these sets came out to just around $100!  I mean, such a great price for really high quality sheets.


I shared the bedding on instagram stories so head over to my instagram and click on my “home decor” stories highlights if you want to see it “live”!  Check out my stories so you can see the bedding a little more close up.

I liked that these two bedding products added some texture and pattern but made a good background for whatever accent color we went with.  In the winter I may change the pink out to a dark velvet blue and I think it would still look great with this bedding.


Our bed is the Architecture bed from Room and Board in the Queen size.  I just got the striped blanket and am undecided if I want to keep it in the master bedroom.  I like the blanket, just unsure I like it with the current bedding.  The pink fluffy pillows were under $20 and totally worth it!  It’s just the cover so you will have to buy the pillow inserts but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the faux fur for that price.


I also got new sheets for my daughter and the first night she slept in them she said “WOW these are so soft!” What’s even better is that she fell asleep right away.  I don’t know if it was a coincidence but I’ll take it, as sometimes it can be an hour before she settles down and falls asleep!



Tiffany @tiffanyish

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