Change Your Bedroom Look With One Piece

When it comes to priorities in our house, Robbie and I usually come last. (Ahhh, parenting.) Seven months after moving into our house, both kids rooms are finally (almost) done. Our bedroom, however, looks a big gray blob.

I'm admittedly not much for lots of color when it comes to interiors, but here is a brief rundown of what you can find in our current bedroom space: gray walls, gray carpet, a gray chair, a gray ottoman, gray side table lamps, and a white bed with grey sheets and a grey and white striped duvet. Yep. (The bedside tables are wood, but they're the only non gray or white pieces in the room.) Since it is one of the only spaces in the house where we actually like the paint color the place came with, I'm leaving the walls alone.

I want to make some subtle changes (not necessarily with color, but at least with pattern or texture) in the decor so it feels a little less, well, institutional. And I'm going to start with the duvet cover. Changing your duvet cover is a great way to cheaply redo the style of your room. It's a nice big statement piece that can totally change the feel of the entire room by one changing one piece!

Confession: I'm loving this, yes, gray pinstriped duvet cover right here. Maybe we'll turn to accessories for variety instead?


Melissa @bubbyandbean — bubbyandbean blog

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