Building a Better Bed: The Essential Bedding Basics You Need


Building a Better Bed: The Essential Bedding Basics You Need

When creating a comfortable bed, don’t skimp on the quality as it affects your sleep. Invest in quality bedding like pillows, mattresses protectors, and mattress pads to ensure a restful sleep every night.

Get started with Linen & Hutch’s bedding selection that’ll give you your money’s worth.

Start with the right mattress

To choose the right mattress for you, consider the type of sleeper you are, the firmness, and the type of mattress that is appropriate for your usual sleeping position.

Once you have found the perfect mattress for you, you can move on to layering your bed with the comfiest bedding you can enjoy.

Protect your mattress

Keep your mattress clean with our six-sided mattress encasement that is 100% waterproof and guaranteed to protect your mattress from bugs and mold.

The top layer of our mattress cover is made from imported 95 GSM microfiber, which makes for a smooth surface that doesn’t affect the feel of your mattress. Regardless if you have a firm or a soft mattress, this cover won’t impact the comfort level of your bed, if not even improve it.

Body support with a bed topper

Enhance your full-body support and comfort when you add a plush mattress topper to your mattress. Our overfilled plush mattress topper is filled with micro-plush down-alternative fiber filling that can send you sleeping like a baby every night.

This mattress topper is also made out of double-brushed microfiber for maximum softness and wrinkle resistance. Worry no more about allergies and wear and tear as our topper is naturally hypo-allergenic and built with durable premium yarns.

Top it off with the comfiest pillows

Complete the bed of your dreams with our down-alternative gel fiber pillows made of luxury cooling gel-infused fibers for a comfortable sleep. Gel-fiber pillows, like ours, are non-toxic, odorless, and better than memory foam pillows which can cause headaches and body pain.

These pillows can support and provide comfort to side, stomach and back sleepers as it has the right firmness–thanks to their down-like fibers.

You’ll get to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed with these pillows. As they are hypoallergenic, your sleep won’t be interrupted by allergy or asthma attacks and other issues.

These pillows are also built to last you many nights of restful sleep. These are stain and fade-resistant, so you’ll be able to keep them good as new for a long time.

Investing in the right, high-quality bedding is no longer a luxury. At Linens & Hutch, we offer affordable options that can easily transform the quality of sleep you get.