Beyond Pinterest: Finding Your Best Bedroom Ideas

Beyond Pinterest: Finding Your Best Bedroom Ideas

Posted on 11 May 2018

We have nothing against Pinterest.  It’s super easy to use, and an estimated 200 million people use it every month!  Thousands of new pins get uploaded every day, mostly by young-ish women (most Pinterest users are female).  You can find just about anything in Pinterest, and easily share ideas with others.

But...Pinterest isn’t the only place to turn for design inspiration!  If you want to find the ideas to create your best bedroom ever, it may be time to branch out a little.  (If you’re tech-savvy, you could even pin some of the new ideas you find to Pinterest).

Let’s just go down that rabbit hole a little--it’s beautiful on the other side!

Go Modern: Adventures in App Land

About ten years ago the word “app” first entered our vocabulary. Now there’s an app for anything!  If you are already using the Pinterest app, here are some other cool design apps to add to your repertoire:

  • Houzz - Similar to Pinterest, with design inspiration, but also the ability to connect with designers, get the latest design news, or make purchases in-app.
  • Hutch - Marketed as “Your Virtual Decorator,” Hutch is like SnapChat for your room-- the way that SnapChat filters and lenses make you look like different things, Hutch will do to your bedroom.  What’s more, you can purchase from the app the items that you like.
  • RoOomy - Another virtual staging app, RoOomy lets you turn 2D visions into 3D reality.
  • ColorSmart by Behr - Most paint companies also have apps these days, but this one is super easy to use.  If you love playing with color, want suggestions on color combinations, or otherwise want to plan a perfect palette, play with this app.
  • Instagram - Yes, we know it is a social media site, but it’s also a great place to follow your favorite companies (like us!) and get inspired.

Once you start playing with design apps, you may soon find yourself creating your most beautiful bedroom ever.

Go Retro: That’s What Editors are For

If apps aren’t your thing, never fear--some of the best ways to get the most brilliant ideas are still to allow top editors do the work for you: through magazines.

Magazines curate some of the best in design, and pride themselves on knowing their audience.  Large bookstores carry a variety of design magazines, but here are a few favorites:

    • If you love to DIY - HGTV magazine caters to the DIY crowd (but not exclusively!). Check out their advice from your favorite HGTV designers within the pages of this colorful monthly periodical.
    • For the design junkie - If you seek inspiration from all forms of architecture and design, rather than the nitty gritty of decorating, check out Metropolis.
    • If you dream of beach living - Florida Design doesn’t exclusively cover Florida, but you’ll feel as though you travel through the best of the globe’s beaches and tropics within its inspirational pages.
  • If you cross traditional design with modern living - The south is famous for fabulous (though not necessarily healthy) food and fantastic decor.  You’ll be sure to love the ideas you glean from Southern Living.
    • For the true modernist - You’ll find forward-thinking design and playful luxury at Dwell magazine, a favorite of interior designers the world over.

    Go for Comfort: Be Yourself

    Regardless of where and how you find inspiration, the most beautiful, comfortable spaces are the ones that you call home.  Pull together all of your favorite resources, whether you “pin,” “like” or just cut them out of a magazine. When you put it together it will be something unique--your best bedroom and your own creation!

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