Best Warm Duvet Covers & Comforters For Winter

As cold months come closer, every one of us could use warmer bedding accessories to sleep comfortably. The most important parts include duvet covers and comforters. By using those, you can sleep like a baby during the coldest nights. Choosing an extreme cold weather blanket to protect you is quite easy yet requires basic knowledge. For instance, you should know what filling or shell your future bedding will have.

Starting with a duvet cover, it serves as an additional protection layer and retains heat. As a rule, it’s made of synthetic materials that have been processed with chemicals. This makes the fabric stain and water-resistant. It’s a good feature if you tend to sweat while sleeping or live in a humid climate.

Speaking of a duvet filling, it can be nearly anything. The most widespread one has always been cotton. This fabric is perfect for body temperature regulation and can be used for the winter or summer season. Down or feathers are also popular if you’re a true cold sleeper. These materials aren’t only warm, but also light, fluffy and breathable. At the same time, they’re on the expensive side since they’re harder to get.

Synthetic fillings like down alternatives are best for people with allergies to natural materials. Though, they quickly absorb moisture and begin emitting a smell if not cared for timely and properly. When hunting for a soft duvet cover, think of not only how it will feel to your skin. Care instructions are also an important thing to keep in mind.

Coming down to comforters, they’re the warmest bedding you can buy not to feel chilly in the wintertime. They’re available in different sizes, patterns, and colors. Comforters’ shells can also be cotton, bamboo, silk, wool, or microfiber. As you can see, the choice ranges from the cheapest alternatives to the most luxurious ones.

The most widespread comforter fillings usually include the following:

  • Cotton
  • Goose down
  • Down alternatives
  • Silk
  • Wool
Most of the mentioned materials are meant to retain heat and keep you as warm as possible. However, if you aren’t a true cold sleeper, you can spend most of the wintertime under a silk or down-alternative comforter. Other options may seem too-thick meaning you’ll be sweating up too much while in bed. At the same time, the major part of winter comforters made of synthetic materials loses their softness and fluffiness quite quickly. To prolong their lifespan, they require special care and protection.

Winter Quilts to Warm Your Heart and Hearth

For extreme warmth and heat insulation, one can use a quilt or blanket. These two items are often mixed up, and it’s important to understand the difference. Beginning with quilts, they’re usually made of cotton. However, other fabrics like velvet, silk, polyester, and microfiber can be used as well. The main signature feature of quilts lies in the way it’s made. Multiple layers of fabric are sewn together with thin strips of cloth between each layer. This guarantees maximum warmth yet allows your body to breathe.

When looking for the warmest quilt for winter, don’t forget about blanket existence. The latter is much thicker and made of natural fibers including wool or cotton. However, if you’re allergic to these materials, choose one of the followings:

  • Acryl
  • Polyester
  • Fleece

Such heavy bedding will be a spectacular choice if you live in a colder climate somewhere in Alaska or New England.

Additionally, blankets are much larger if compared to quilts meaning you can wrap in them completely. They also have decorative prints that can match your bedroom design or brighten it up. Both blankets and quilts are equally warm thanks to the materials they’re made of and the way they’re sewn. They’re available on sale at Linens and Hutch in various sizes, colors, and prices.

What Filling to Choose: Natural or Synthetic

Since the warmest options to cover yourself have been described, it’s time to choose what filling they’re going to have. Starting with thick heavy blankets for winter, they’ll be definitely stuffed with one of these:
  • Mink
  • Wool
  • Cotton

Of course, the warmest fabrics are natural ones since they trap heat excellently. At the same time, certain people may be allergic to these materials. In this case, synthetic options come in handy. They can be acryl, polyester, or fleece. Not only they’re almost exactly warm but also lightweight. Any of these materials is an excellent option if you’re not freezing that much.

The final choice of the filling depends on your own preferences and climate zone. If you live in a humid and mild climate, the warmest lightweight blanket for you will be a polyester one. Other options made of natural fabrics may cause sweating since they trap heat too much. Besides, they aren’t that water-resistant and may require extra care in humid countries.

How to Take Care for a Duvet

Our beds aren’t just a place where you sleep and regain strength. It’s crucially important to take care for your bedding accessories to prolong their lifespan. Taking a duvet as an example, it needs to be washed every few months. If, for some reason, you can’t do this, make sure to wash it at least twice a year.

Speaking of washing, don’t use chemicals and avoid turning your dryer to maximum temperature. Dry it on the gentle heat setting or hang it to air for at least 24 hours. If you’re unsure of particular washing instructions, read what’s written on the label. The rules may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Filling type
  • Shell type
  • Estimated lifespan

Some manufacturers design luxurious collections having detailed instructions on how to care for the products to get the maximum out of them. These and more are available at Linens and Hutch coming in a great range of sizes, colors, patterns, and prices.

Remember that a duvet itself can’t serve for too long without a duvet cover. The latter protects it from stains meaning you’ll have to clean it less frequently. After you wake up every morning, don’t forget to shake and fluff a duvet to keep the filling evenly distributed. This guarantees a sharp look and a long lifespan for your favorite bedding.

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