Be Our Guest

“Be our guest… be our guest… put our service to the test!”

I love it when we have guests stay at our home and having them comfortable is really important to me. Starting from the style of the room all the way down to the bedding. That’s why I chose Linens & Hutch to add that right touch to our guest room.

This dark gray and white patterned duvet set couldn’t be more perfect in our farmhouse styled guest room. The duvet is so soft to the touch and has such a beautiful pattern. What I love most is the zipper closer at the bottom where you pull through the duvet insert. I love it more than buttons or ties because the zipper helps hold everything in a clean and simple way. The corners inside provide ties so that you can loop them through the corners of your duvet insert to prevent shifting. Easy peasy right?

Another plus… no ironing!!! I just threw it in the wash and tumbled dried it and it came out so soft and wrinkle free! Yay for no ironing!!! So check out all their amazing patterns and styles. I know you’ll find something that would look fabulous in your room or your guest room, but beware… your guests may never leave with this amazing bedding or they may leave and it take it with them! HAHA!

I do have to say that I think our guests will be very comfortable in our home thanks to Linens & Hutch. Now I need to get one for my room!



Bethany @shiplapaddict

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