Always Rearranging

I love color. Which is why I have to have a white comforter. I have a green dresser, books organized by color, clothes arranged by color on a hanging rack, photos, flowers, and a humidifier that changes color. My white comforter brings it all together without making it feel too crazy. I change the decor and move things around so often that it's nice knowing that whatever I do, my bedding will always match. Plus, there's something about a white blanket that just makes your room feel clean. 

White can be stressful though, especially with kids. My kids spill or play on my bed with dirty feet, etc. I hated the hassle of removing and replacing the cover of my duvet so I could wash it. My husband and I would sometimes go weeks sleeping with random blankets from around the house because we didn't want to get around to it. The blanket was always bunching up inside, and it did not cover my king size mattress like it was supposed to.

Then I discovered the quilted coverlets on Linens & Hutch. Holy life changer! I love the clean and simple look. It covers my king mattress and it's thick enough to be cozy, but thin enough to fit in my washer! It's the perfect weight for the warmer seasons and you can always add another blanket underneath in the winter if you'd like. It's also half the cost of my duvet cover alone! I wish I had discovered this blanket sooner. If you're like me and love changing things up or you aren't sure what color scheme you want to go with in your bedroom, a white comforter is the way to go. 

Thank you for reading!  


Stephanie @_stephanie_shay

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