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A Peek Inside Ashlee's Master Bedroom

A Peek Inside Ashlee's Master Bedroom

Posted on 25 July 2018

I finally feel like I have a grown-up master bedroom and I am in love!!!! We decided we wanted to spruce up our bedroom with some easy inexpensive updates. Here is what we did: fresh paint, wallpaper accent wall, new bedding, and a new mattress! What a difference this all made. I now spend a lot of time chilling in bed with some relaxing essential oils diffusing, while I work on content for my Instagram page. Read below for updates. I linked all the sources.



I spent a lot of time over on Pinterest trying to find the perfect white paint color. If you start researching white paints it can be very overwhelming. I never realized how many different shades of white pop-up when you type it into google! I wanted something with some grey tones. I didn't want it to be creamy or stark white. I finally decided to go with INTENSE WHITE OC-51 by Benjamin Moore. Let me tell you I LOVE this color. It is very sophisticated and tranquil. It's the perfect balance of white with a tint of grey. I plan on using it in Winter's bedroom, and basically the rest of the house is getting repainted in this dreamy color! I think it looks good in any room in your home.


Accent Wallpaper

Our cedar trees accent wallpaper is everything I wanted and more! It is very inviting and brings me a sense of peace. I have always been drawn to trees so, when I saw this wallpaper I knew I needed to have it. It is from B Darling Decor. They have tons of options for wallpaper and decals (flowers, trees, ferns, animals, tribal print, tiles). The wallpaper is vinyl, removable and damage free. I am not much of a DIY type of person, so I was nervous that my husband and I wouldn't be able to pull this off. It was so easy! The wallpaper came in 5 stripes that you peel off like a sticker. We started on the left side of the wall and hung it top from bottom. We rubbed our hands over the paper as we applied it in a circular motion to get any air bubbles out. We then used scissors at the bottom to cut off any extra paper. BAM it was done and looks great!



If you want to update your room and don't have the time or money I think the first thing you should consider is getting new bedding. My Puffed Chevron Sheet Set and Essential Solid Duvet Cover Set (includes duvet cover and two pillow shams), are from Linens & Hutch. Their bedding is so soft it's like sleeping on a cloud. I have had their sheets for months and they are holding up nicely and wash really well every time! They have really pretty print options for sheets. If prints aren't your thing they have solid bedding in any color you would need. I highly recommend updating your bedding with Linens & Hutch you won't be disappointed.



Our old mattress was 10 years old and worn out. I wanted something that was firm yet soft and eco-friendly. You spend 1/3 of your life asleep so, it needed to be perfect. I discovered this company called My Green Mattress.  They handcraft all their mattress's in Illinois, use organic cotton, American eco-wool, and organic Dunlop latex. The mattress is delivered to your home in a box and all you do is unopened and throw it on your bed.


Thanks for reading. I still need to get an area rug for the center of the room. I hope you like our bedroom as much as I do. 

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