A Case for the Comforter: a Classic to Love

A Case for the Comforter: a Classic to Love

Posted on 10 April 2018

Nothing is quite as cozy as the perfect comforter.  It wraps you in a breathable warmth, like a giant hug.  

But more than just its snuggle power, the comforter offers style and ease to love.  Here is a quick guide to making the most of your experience with this classic.

Choosing the Best Comforter

When it comes to choosing the best bedding, it’s easy to look for style only.  However, the design or the pattern of a comforter is not the most important feature.  A “cool-looking” design that is stuffy, stiff, lumpy or cheap-feeling doesn’t belong on your bed.  

When you choose a comforter, choose natural fabrics.

While synthetic fibers replicate many features of natural fibers, the most breathable and comfortable comforters are made from natural materials--linen, cotton and bamboo are popular choices.  Down or feather stuffing, which frequently comes from duck, goose or swan, are a favorite.  For those with allergies, modern hypoallergenic down alternatives closely mirror the feel and function of down stuffing.

Comforters are typically sewn into a pattern or squares, so that the stuffing remains evenly distributed.  Then, you also have options to choose density, which affect warmth. Choose the weight that feels right to you.

After you have selected for fiber and weight, then choose for design.

Pro Tip: If you want an extra layer of warmth at night and love the feel of a comforter, consider two--a white or other simple comforter on top of the sheet, then another flat sheet, then the top comforter.  This style is called “triple-sheeting” and many hotels make their beds this way.

Choosing a Children’s Comforter

If you have smaller humans in your life, you know that they can sometimes be remarkably particular about such things as food, clothing and bedding.  At a young age they have some strong preferences about such things.

The truth is, adults often take the basic comforts of life for granted-- what goes into or onto your body are important needs!  For children, food, clothing and bedding can make a huge difference in how they feel physically, and how much control they have over their own lives.

So, you find their favorite foods, most comfortable clothes, and the coziest bedding.

A comforter is a perfect choice for children:

  • Bed making is super simple
  • Designs are fun and match any room
  • Comforters are huggable and loveable

A comforter fits the name, especially for children.

Pro Tip: When ordering online for children, pay attention to return policies.  You want just the right cozy bedding for your children, and the freedom to send back the others!

Wash and Care for Your Comforter

With so many reasons to love comforters, it can seem like there are no drawbacks.  Unfortunately, there is one: washing. Unless you have an oversized or industrial washing machine, washing a full-sized (or larger comforter) can be cumbersome and ineffective.  Even a twin can end up lumpy, unevenly washed, or balled up in a washing machine.

The best solution to maintaining the life of your comforter is to always have sheets on the bed, which get washed weekly.  The comforter then is only a top layer. It can be spot cleaned easily.

For regular washings, it’s best to take a comforter to a professional dry cleaner or laundry mat for washing.  Follow the care instructions on the tag.

Little known fact: You can remove the tags on bedding--just only by the consumer after purchase! It’s a popular misconception that it’s illegal to do so--it’s actually illegal for the manufacturer to remove them, or to not tell you what materials were used to make your bedding.

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